Best 5 Bluetooth Earphones in India

Everything is built for on the go today. Thus, it is no wonder, our music too is becoming more portable and personalized by the day.  Here we have the Best 5 Bluetooth Earphones in India listed for you.

Bluetooth earphones are the pinnacle of comfort and are built for a highly active lifestyle. No wires dangling, they have been created for convenience and portability. Instead of lugging large headphones with long-winded cables around, you can get yourself a wireless pair of in-ears and use it with your Bluetooth enabled devices.

There has always been a conception that Bluetooth earphones do not reproduce the best music, the notion has, however, begun to fade. Afterall, great things have been forgone for the sake of looks. With so many new additions to the line, we help you choose from the best. 

In no particular order, here are the best wireless bluetooth options to choose from.

Buyers Guide

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What are Bluetooth headphones?

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Easily the most controversial headphones, Bluetooth has taken the market by storm in 2019. Along with Apple’s unceremonious abandonment of the headphone jack, Android phones have also followed suit; driving up demand for this type of connection.


  • Wireless listening. Get your headphone cable caught on things all the time? Bluetooth headphones don’t have that issue.
  • Sound quality is better than it was 5 years ago.Bluetooth codecs If you have an up-to-date phone, have come a long way in the last few years. Even so much as to be able to compete in quality to some wired headsets. Of course, both your phone and your headphones have to support the same standards, so be sure to research this before you buy.


  • Battery. Where you once could listen without having yet another thing to charge, now your headphones rely on a battery. It’s a pain with the smaller form-factor items like truly wireless earbuds, but the larger the headphones, the better battery life you typically get.
  • Wireless signals have inherent weaknesses. Wireless listening is all cool and good, but you may notice that sometimes you suffer from interference. It’s becoming more and more rare, but it can still happen.
  • Compatibility. While the whole sound quality issue is in a far better place than it used to be, issues can still remain when you don’t have equipment that can talk to each other. Newer headphones will have trouble with older phones.

Best 5 Bluetooth Earphones in India:

These are our best 5 Bluetooth Earphones in India.

1. boAt Rockerz 255 Sports Bluetooth Wireless Earphone with Immersive Stereo Sound and Hands Free Mic (Active Black)

Top 10 Bluetooth Earphones in India
  • boAt signature audio: boAt Rockerz 255, while being lightweight in design pumps out your favourite tunes with powerful HD sound and deep boosted bass
  • High Level functionality is provided to the boAt Rockerz 255 by the Advanced Qualcomm CSR 8635 Chipset providing the features of the latest Bluetooth 4.1 Version
  • 10 mins charge, 45 mins play
  • Attractive ergonomics with a Comfort Fit: boAt Rockerz 255 is both sturdy and stylish
  • Free access controls
  • With the inline controls you can toggle the volume, skip tracks, attend calls, and activate Siri, Google Now or Cortana voice-controlled Smartphone assistants
  • This is one of the Best in our best 5 Bluetooth Earphones in India.
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2. Tagg Inferno, Wireless Bluetooth Earphone With Mic + Carry Case (Black)

Top 10 Bluetooth Earphones in India
  • Comes with noise cancellation
  • Full call control
  • IPX4 sweatproof resistance
  • Complete mobile device compatibility with Bluetooth Support
  • Ergonomic Design: Durable design and comfortable earbuds ensures that earphones always stays in place while running, Jogging and Gyming. Invinsible nano-coating technology protects earbuds against sweat during workout.
  • 7 HOURS MUSIC PLAY TIME – Built-in rechargeable powerful lithium battery (100 mAh) provides upto 180 hrs of Standby time and, 8-9 hrs of talk time and 7 hrs of music play time.
  • Click to view Detailed Specifications.

3. CrossBeats Raga Wireless Bluetooth Earphones with Microphone IPX-4 Sweatproof Sports Design with Carry Case, HD Sound, Super Bass (Cherry Black)

Top 10 Bluetooth Earphones in India
  • TRUE HIGH-DEFINITION SOUND – Featuring latest Bluetooth 4.1 CSR technology and apt-X support. Enjoy liquid treble and solid bass bluetooth earphones
  • SECURE COMFORT FIT – Soft rubber finish. Secure hooks will ensure your wireless headphones stay in place during any sport or gym exercise.
  • SWEAT-PROOF – Train at maximum capacity without worrying about drowning your buds
  • LONGEST BLUETOOTH EARPHONES PLAY TIME – Enjoy music for up to 8 HOURS, while full charge takes only 2 hours.
  • ADVANCED WIRELESS NOISE CANCELLATION HEADPHONES – Featuring expandable foam ear tips. Exercise, run, workout, or enjoy music on an airplane without bothersome ambient noise to spoil you routine.
  • MOBILE DEVICE COMPATIBILITY – Raga easily connects with all Bluetooth enabled devices such as Apple, Android, iPhones, Ipads. Headset works with desktop and laptop computers.
  • MICROPHONE and FULL PHONE CONTROL – Everything you need to manage your personal listening experience with touch of a button.
  • Click to view Detailed Specifications.

4. JBL T110BT Pure Bass Wireless in-Ear Headphones with Mic (Black)

  • JBL Legendary Sound- Experience superior JBL sound with powerful bass that truly packs a punch
  • Bluetooth Streaming- Listen to music wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled device
  • 6-hour battery life- Built-in battery supports up to 6 hours of playtime with a quick recharge in just 2 hrs
  • Magnetic cable management- Ensures that the headphones remain comfortably secure and tangle-free around your neck when not in use
  • 3 Button Universal Remote- Allows for easy music control and hands-free calls, Headphone cable length (cm) 80.8 and Voice assistant: You can ask your assistant anything
  • Comfort-fit earbuds- Ergonomically shaped earbuds ensure the listening experience remains comfortable for long-listening hours
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.
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5. JABRA ELITE 25E Wireless Bluetooth Headset, With 18 Hours Battery Time (Silver)

  • Fits securely and directs music into your ears for full, uninterrupted audio.
  • Enables simple wireless pairing with your Bluetooth-enabled device and lets you enjoy hands-free calls.
  • Offers up to 18 hours of use on a charge.
  • Helps prevent sweat and water from entering the headphones.
  • Deliver powerful sound and crisp tones.
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Buyers Guide:

There’s a lot of technical jargon when it comes to headphones, but they’re worth knowing if you’re looking to invest in a pair for yourself. These are some of the most common terms that get thrown around when talking about audio in headphones. We have also considered all these features in putting together the Best 5 Bluetooth Earphones in India.

Frequency Response

This is the spec that tells you the range of sound that the product is capable of producing measured in Hertz (Hz). If you look on the box of any audio product this number is usually around 20Hz – 20,000Hz, with the first number representing the lowest frequency and the second representing the highest. This number varies depending on the product, but for reference, humans can only hear between 20Hz – 20,000Hz which is why that’s the range most products aim for.

Some people say that products that produce sound above or below those frequencies are pointless, but that’s not necessarily the case. Sure, you won’t be able to hear those extreme frequencies unless you’re a bat, but when products have a slightly wider frequency response, l5Hz – 25,000Hz for example, it gives the sounds at the two extreme ends a little more room to breathe. In other words, what you can hear will sound a little better. That said, most people can’t even hear the difference if they’re looking for it, so it’s not the most important aspect of headphones to the average consumer.

Noise Isolation vs. Active Noise Cancellation

This is one of those things that sound similar, but mean very different things. Noise isolation just means that the product physically sits between your ear and outside sound, thus blocking outside noise from entering your ear.

Active noise cancellation (ANC) works differently though the end goal is the same. Products with ANC have tiny microphones in them that pick up outside sounds. The headphones then produce the opposite sound wave in order to actively cancel out the unwanted noise. It’s all based on physics and wave properties so as you can imagine, it’s not an easy thing to accomplish. When headphones claim noise cancelling we usually give their effectiveness a mention in our full reviews because it varies from product to product.


If someone whispers in your left ear, you’ll know to look over your left shoulder. In a sense, that’s what sound stage is. It’s the ability of a pair of headphones to reproduce spatial cues in a room. In other words, how good a pair of headphones are at tricking your brain into thinking that there are sounds coming from a certain direction.

This varies with headphones, but in general the larger over-ears are better at achieving this than smaller in-ears because the sound has a chance to bounce around your ear before reaching your eardrum. Earbuds pump sound directly into your ear, so there isn’t much room for sound to move around and create the illusion of space. This kind of leads into the next topic.

Open vs closed back


Closed-back headphones are probably the ones that are most familiar. The drivers in closed back headphones are enclosed in the ear cup save for the part facing your ear. This way sound bounces around but has nowhere to go but into your ear. These types of headphones are good if you don’t want outside noise entering the ear cup, and also if you don’t want the person next to you hearing your music (which is called sound leakage). This makes it a great option for commuters or anyone using headphones in a public setting, like an office.

As you may have guessed, open-back headphones are the opposite. They do not have their drivers enclosed in the ear cups. Instead they leave the driver exposed, so outside noise can pass freely into the earcup. Naturally this isn’t the ideal scenario if you commute or in typically noisy areas. The benefit of open-back headphones come when you use them at home or in a studio setting. Because they allow sound to enter the ear cups from the surroundings, the music has a much better soundstage. Of course, this also means that if you wear them out in public you’ll hear what’s going on around you fairly easily.

What is flat/neutral sound?

Many times you’ll hear someone refer to a pair of headphones as having a “flat” or a “neutral” sound. Basically this means that the headphones are reproducing the signal they are receiving from the source device with as little deviation from it as possible. It may seem like this is something that you’d want all headphones to do, but there are reasons why most do not.

In general, a flat sound isn’t a very exciting one. So many headphone manufacturers give a slight boost to certain frequencies in order to make them sound more appealing to the listener. This isn’t exactly a bad thing, since some people like more bass in their music while others prefer vocals and instruments to take precedence. A flat sounding pair of headphones is used while audio is being produced or mixed so that the audio will sound its best regardless of what kind of device it’s played on later. If you’re not producing or mixing audio, you don’t necessarily need a pair of neutral headphones unless you prefer that kind of sound.

Choose from the Best 5 Bluetooth Earphones in India.

Important Features to look for

Some the most important features which helped us pick the Best 5 Bluetooth Earphones in India.

Noise Cancellation. If noise cancellation sounds like it’s for you, there are some great options out there. Don’t expect every little sound to magically disappear, but you’d be surprised how much sound actually does get removed when using a good pair of headphones.

Battery Life. If the headphones you choose are Bluetooth or have active noise cancelling, always take a look at the battery life. You don’t want to be caught in the middle of a commute or workout and have your headphones die on you.

Collapsible ear cups. If you opt for on-ear or over-ear headphones, it’s always good to pay attention to whether or not they fold. If you’re going to use them while out and about, you want ones that are easier to store.

Water resistance. This mainly applies to workout earbuds, but make sure that your sweat won’t damage them. Most headphones designed for fitness can withstand sweat, but it’s always good to double check just to be safe.

Built-in microphone/control module. If you’re not fond of pulling your phone out of your pocket, some headphones have control modules and mics on the wire or built into the headphones that let you do a number of things. You can answer phone calls, access Siri or Google Now, and control your music. Always check what the controls are and see if they match your preferences.

I hope our Article on the Best 5 Bluetooth Earphones in India has helped you pick the best one for yourself. Thank You and Happy Shopping!

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