Best 5 Shavers in India 2019

If you are looking to buy the Best Electric Shaver in India, then you are at the right place. Here we have the Best 5 Shavers in India listed for you along with reviews and guide.

While a beard trimmer is good for trimming and shaping your beard or stubble, an electric shaver is used to shave the beard completely without leaving any stubble.Actually I use a combination of both shaving and trimming.

Recently my disposable Gillette Fusion Razor died and I started looking for a good electric shaver. These disposable razors may seem cheap but in the long, they get very costly when you buy their shaving catridges.

It makes sense to buy electric shaver since its cost is high upfront but in the long run, it is more economical than razors.
Electric shaver has many advantages over razors. It is extremely versatile with the biggest advantage being dry shaving. Using it, you can shave anywhere from college to office.

They do not require special grooming items such as shaving cream, soap, get or even water. Electric shaver also saves your precious time. While electric shaver takes only 3 to 5 minutes to shave your entire face, manual razor could easily take 10 to 15 minutes.

A good quality electric shaver causes little or no skin irritation. You are less likely to get nicks and cuts for getting a clean shave using electric shaver.

Electric shaver is a must for every busy guy out there who doesn’t want to spend his precious time in shaving more than required.

In my research, I got to know about many tips for choosing the best electric shaver and also about which are the best electric shaver options in India. I am sharing the following guide that gives tips based on my research for the best electric shaver.

Buyers Guide

To view our detailed Buyers Guide and features that we have kept in mind while picking up the best 5 shavers in India click on the link above.

Best 5 Shavers in India 2019

These are our picks for the Best 5 Shavers in India.

1. Philips Aquatouch AT890/16 Electric Shaver

  • Skin protection system
  • 100 percent waterproof
  • Dual precision effectively shaves long hairs and short stubble
  • 50 shaving minutes, 1 hour charge
  • Pop-up trimmer: perfect for sideburns and mustache
  • 2 Years Philips India warranty from the date of purchase

Average Customer Review: 4.3 out of 5 stars 2,607 customer reviews

2. Philips Aquatouch AT620/14 Electric Shaver

  • Skin protection system
  • 100 percent waterproof. 30+ shaving minutes, 10 hour charge
  • Close Cut blades glide gently for a smooth, close cut
  • Automatic voltage-100-240 V. Battery Type-NiMH. Maximum power consumption-2.0 W. Stand-by power-< 0.25 W. SkinComfort-AquaTec Wet & Dry
  • Pop-up trimmer: perfect for sideburns and mustache
  • 2 Years Philips India warranty from the date of purchase

Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars 2,778 customer reviews

3. Philips S5050/06 Aquatouch Electric Shaver

  • Skin protection system
  • 100 percent waterproof
  • 5-direction flex heads
  • ComfortCut Blades for a protective shave
  • 30 shaving minutes, 8 hour charge For any issue contact Philips Toll free number – 18001022929
  • Precision Trimmer: perfect for sideburns and mustache
  • 2 Years Philips India warranty from the date of purchase

Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars 997 customer reviews

4. Hatteker Electric Wet and Dry Shaver Razor with Precision Trimmer for Men

  • Flexible four-way shaving heads: 3D electric razors are particularly gentle on the skin. Rotary razors adapt to complex facial contours particularly well and allow a close shave. Fits the contours of the face and neck
  • Fold-out trimmer: perfect your look with the trimmer. Ideal for grooming your mustache and cutting sideburns
  • Fully washable & Gentle wet and dry shave: The whole body of the shaver is waterproof.Allows a thorough dry or skin-friendly wet shave with gel or foam, even under the shower
  • USB Fast Charge & Cordless Convenience: The powerful lithium-ion battery allows you to shave for 60 minutes after 90 minutes of charging
  • LED display & safety lock: The intuitive display shows relevant information for you to get the best performance from your shaver: Plug symbol / charge indicator: the battery condition / the charge status of the battery is displayed in percent / Reinigungssympol / Schlosssympol

Average Customer Review: 4.3 out of 5 stars 15 customer reviews

5. Philips AT600/15 AquaTouch Wet and Dry Electric Shaver (Blue)

  • Ergonomic easy grip
  • Wet and dry cleaning and fully waterproof
  • Display: 1 LED indicator and shaving time: 30plus minutes, up to 10 shaves
  • Operation: Rechargeable battery, cordless use and charging time: 10 hours
  • Display indicates: Battery low, charging
  • 2 years manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase

Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars 581 customer reviews

Buyers Guide

These are the features we have kept in mind while selecting the Best 5 Shavers in India.

Ease of Cleaning

It is absolutely imperative that you keep your electric shaver thoroughly clean. To do this, each shaver has a different system that will allow you to clean out shorn hairs and clean the surface of the head.

As a general rule, a good shaver should always be very easy to clean. It should be easy to open and empty, and it should also be easy to clean its heads so that bacteria can’t accumulate.

Cleaning out the inside of your shaver will help the blades cut more easily because a clogged shaver will have a harder time rotating or oscillating. Cleaning the head will vary, but some of the shavers on the market today are waterproof, which means that you can simply run them under your faucet to clean them easily.

As a general rule of thumb, knowing how a shaver cleans up is a great feature to look for when you’re searching for a new device.

Some products that are on the market actually come with “smart cleaning systems” that includes a stand that will clean your shaver after you’re done with it. This is a great system that will take care of both excess hairs and will help keep the head clean so that you aren’t inadvertently exposing your skin to bacteria.

There are also models currently on the market that employ LCD screens to that you can keep track of when your razor will need to be cleaned.


You’ll find that quicker blades are more effective blades for shaving. The chief method of gauging the performance of an electric shaver is by looking at its cuts per minute for rotary units and vibrations per minute for foil blades.

For example, most modern shavers have a cuts or vibrations per minute in the 10,000-plus range. Buying razors of this type or greater will ensure that you will have a good cut and it will also simplify your grooming process greatly.

Power Style

There are a few ways in which your electric shaver can be powered. Each method has its pros and cons, so let’s take a look at each:

  • Wired – As you might expect, this type of electric shaver is usable only when it is plugged in. With this type, you don’t have to worry about charging, which adds a bit of convenience.
  • Stand Rechargeable – The first rechargeable type is stand or base rechargeable, which means that you plug your shaver into a stand that will ensure that your wireless shaver always has charge between shaves. For some models, the stand can even clean the head of your shaver.
  • Wire Rechargeable – These can function as both wireless and wired shavers. Simply plug it in if the power is low and let it charge. For the most part, you can even use the shaver when it’s recharging.
  • Battery Powered – This is a more uncommon type, but these make for great travel shavers because they simply use an AA or AAA battery to provide power. This means that you won’t have to worry about power conversion when traveling overseas.

Extra Accessories

Some shavers include extra features like pop-out trimmers that add some versatility to your electric shaver. In addition to features like this, you can also find items like accessories to help you style your beard and brushes to style or even clean out the shaver more easily.


Advanced electric shavers are the combination of technology which comes in a small package. Before choosing your electric shaver either from the list above or somewhere else, I recommend you to still read our Buyer’s Guide, it will help you to understand the technology that goes with in these modern electric shavers. So without further ado, let’s continue with our electric shaver buying guide.

Rotary vs Foil – Which is best for you?

I prefer Foil shavers over Rotary shavers because of the closeness, smoothness, and design.

Rotary shavers were introduced first to provide comfortable shaving experience and shaving head. No doubt that rotary shavers are much more comfortable as compared to the foil shavers but they failed to provide a close shave.

Whereas on the other hand, foil shavers are expert in closeness. They contain sharp blades and advanced technology which I really like.

  • LED Indicator: A charger with a LED indicator is good enough to keep you updated with the current battery level. Notify you when you plugged in the charger and warn you with the low battery.
  • Corded and Cordless Shaving: Few of the electric shavers allow you to shave while your electric shaver plugged in while few don’t. Braun series 9 doesn’t allow corded shaved while Braun series 7 do allow it.
  • Easy to use and clean: Make sure the electric shavers design is easy to use and clean. Almost all of electric shavers listed above are easy to use and easy to clean. Most of the electric shavers above come with Cleaning dock, all you have to do is to put the shaver inside that dock and press the button, that dock will clean your shaver. Some models don’t come with that cleaning dock, so you have to do it manually. But that won’t take more than 1 minute!
  • Pop-up Trimmer: Most of the shavers come with an integrated trimmer which can be popped up. You can use that trimmer for grooming, sideburns, and mustache.
  • Wet & Dry Technology: Wet&Dry technology allows electric shavers to be used either under the shower or on dry skin. If you got a sensitive skin, then you might prefer shaving with gel foam. That’s where this technology comes handy.

I hope this article on the Best 5 Shavers in India has helped you choose the right shaver for yourself. Thank You and Happy Shopping!

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