Day: June 6, 2019

Best 5 Power Banks in India 2020

The last few years has seen a huge demand for smartphones. However, despite the fact that smartphones have really advanced in their technology and built their battery life is often not enough for us to go through the day. And … Read more

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Best 5 Air Conditioners in India 2019

For all the households using air conditioners, a major component of electricity bill is contributed by the air conditioners. If you are someone who is worried about high electricity bills due to air conditioners then buying energy efficient air conditioner … Read more

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Best 5 Fitness Bands in India 2020

The wearables space which started out as in form of pedometers for step counting has evolved into activity trackers which are powerful when it comes to keeping track of your activities and fitness. In this article we will discuss the … Read more

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